WELCOME Getting Started at The LABAP PUB!


ohio HOT ROD WOW, i am mean kenny tony and skeeter can tell you , look out. lovvvve that car, skeeter is the best friend at the pub then brian then bama man


@meankenny Thanks Kenny… You are too kind (contrary to your name “meankenny”) You are right though, that is an awfully cool car :sunglasses:


Thanks mean Kenny, hope to more pictures of progress soon.


MEAN KENNY i ain,t the class clown,BUT always getem,and leaving laughing. now on a serious note pray for tucapee he is having neck fuse this makes his 27th back surgery. wow looks like the 40 don’t have to worry about its snow allergy. SKEETER didja see my post about the latches not hinges! gee we got us a okie,you think i can’t spell. my granddaughter just showed me whata ’ is at. i feel like a one finger typing einstein, after all thought genesis was genius. if you aren’t laughing now you should be! i was removing the ranger pin stripe on the ranger heat gun and old timey push razor scraper. by for now i will tell you about going to see nurse april.


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hi everyone my name is mick squirrel (alias) i am based in australia in country new south wales on a farm where you dont even take your keys out of the car . i have been an electrician for over forty years but always wanted to be an automotive mechanic so have always had little projects going but mainly polishing and cleaning my cars. i have been medically retired with four prolapsed disc,s in my lower back .my currant project is a mitsubishi l200 to which i have fitted a 1uzfe toyota v8 and r151f cruiser box with a lot of help from my brother and friends because my injury prevent me from working for more than hour with painkillersj just at the stage of preping the body for paint try to include a couple of photo,s i recently painted with my atom x21 finishis metallic black straight out of the gun …beutiful gun to use


@mick, great picture, looks like the X21 is working good for ya :+1: I have the X16 and waiting for the X27 to come out then I’m going to pick up that one up. I wouldn’t mind having the X20 or X21 too.



Hey all,
I’m Hank and a few years ago I decided to learn about custom car painting, as it is something I have always wanted to do. I already have a career of over 30 years in IT, but for fun I’ve always wished I could paint cars like you see at car shows - the really wild stuff. When I was younger I did some basic body work and painting, but it was only through trial and error - I had no formal training, and I didn’t know anybody who was a body man or painter to learn from.

I realized that I was half way through my life and didn’t have any real hobbies - just working, so I found LearnAutoBodyAndPaint.com and decided to sign up for VIP access. Over the next year+ I watched all of the videos that Tony had created to learn the right way to do body work and painting - so helpful! And I started making a list of items that my wife and kids could buy me for Christmas and my birthday. When you get into this stuff the supplies add up in cost, so they could buy me sandpaper and small items to help offset the initial cost. I also did a bunch of research on spray guns to decide what to spend my money on and then added a couple of guns to my list (this was before Tony started to sell the ATOM spray guns). I don’t have any guns over $150 yet, so just know you CAN actually do some amazing things with cheap guns - you don’t need to spend $600+ on a high end brand name gun. I have added an Atom gun to my wish list, now that I’ve gained some experience! :wink:

My interest is mostly in custom paint work. I don’t consider myself a “good” body man because I just haven’t done it that much, although I can do the basics. And I’m not really doing this to make $$ although if I can get my hobby to the place where it pays for itself that would be great. I’m really focused on doing custom work rather than typical dent and scratch repair / resprays, which is where the money is at for normal business.

Through what I’ve learned via LABAP and through watching YouTube videos that other people have posted about custom work, I’ve been able to get some experience on some of my own projects. I did a bunch of work on an old '85 Astro Van roof, and then a friend asked me to paint his motorcycle gas tank and side panels, and a couple of months ago I shot some small Yeti & Ozark Trail (Walmart) coffee mugs to give away for gifts to family members. This was all custom work with flake, pearl, graphics, and candy paint. I will post some photos in another part of this forum.

Since this custom painting is not extensively covered in LABAP right now, I will gladly share what I’ve learned with anyone else who is interested, as time allows, on this Pub forum. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and try to learn from every one of those as I gain experience. I’m certainly no expert, and I am part of a private FB group that has tons of very highly qualified custom painters. When I see their work my stuff looks novice!! But that’s OK, we are all learning together and different people have different areas of interest when it comes to painting. It’s all cool!


@HankScott… Welcome to the pub Hank. I saw you on the Live YouTube Q&A and also heard Tony urging you to Join the Forum. Awesome…Glad you did, looking forward to seeing your work and learning your techniques :sunglasses:

Kent aka “Genesis”


Welcome to the PUB Hank! Took a look at some of your pictures, looks great! I can’t wait to start on my tank soon! It will be bad ass! Again, very nice to see you here Hank!


hello mick, welcome to the old mans club. mean kenny here fused c345& L 345 need L5 S1 fused drive on brother.


Hi everyone, my name is Richard Jones and I live in Gosport, Hampshire UK. I own a 1997 Mazda MX6 2.5L. Over the past couple of years the car has been neglected a bit due to ill health but now I want to tidy it up and make it all shiny again.
I have watched a few of Tony’s videos and they have got me started.
No doubt I will have a few/a lot of questions.


@mazdamx6owner, Hello Richard and welcome to the LABAP PUB. There is a lot if Great information here and if you can’t find what your looking for just ask away. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your project.

Kent aka “Genesis”


Hello everybody…My name is Mike and I’ve been doing my own Auto Body work/repairs since I was a teen (I’m 31 now). Anyways I love doing it and love to learn more and more everyday…I am looking forward to interacting with all of you out there!! See ya!! :slight_smile:


@MM8618 Hi Mike, welcome to the PUB. Feel free to post often and ask a lot of questions. Post your pictures too if you have some :+1:t3:

Kent aka “Genesis”


Welcome to the PUB!!!


Hey ya’ll my name is Joe. I’m from North East Maryland. I am a electronics specialist for CAT & I’ve been detailing cars for a little over 15 years doing paint correction work. Huge diesel head!!! I have a 93 12 valve first gen & 2014 4th gen all done up. I wanted to learn how to do body work and paint so I could do different thing to the trucks. I am currently working on a friends 08 3500 cummins restoring the whole body and molding fender flairs in to the truck. Will be spraying primer today with my new atom21 with ppg base coat clear coat with a inter coat of black diamond pearl over white base. I’ll post pics after completed. Tony big shootout to the work your doing. Us DIY guys live for this kind of stuff. Cheers boys


@BlackCummins, Welcome. Your project sounds interesting, can’t wait to see the pictures. Let us know how you like that Atom X21 too :+1:t3:

Kent aka “Genesis”


It’s a awesome fun for the price. Primed it last night painting today