Weld or cheat easy way out?

Hi Tony and fellow Friends I recently bought have a VW Jetta mk3 vr6 it’s colour is white, I’m busy to respray the whole car the roof had light surface rust that I could sandpaper away, my issue is the back (rear) window has deep rust is there away that I don’t need to pull the window out and use a metal mash strip and hardener or do I have to remove the window and weld new plates ?

Do you have pictures?

yes it is mean kenny’’’ do not forget to use white vinegar and water. i part vinegar 3 part water measure don’t guess. leave on, dont let it dry rinse with water the rust will turn black. dry then sand with 80 grit. back window use wire wheel first. slow and smart wins the race to love.

Thanks guys I have a new problem now turns out the driver’s door top hinge bolt snapped off into the body, so I tried to get it out but was unsuccessful I drilled a big hole right through the inner plate where the bolt screws on, I also can’t weld there due to my loom and fuse box sits by the inside of the drives side under the dash near to the door hinges how do I go about this I’m stressed out please help thanks