What cleaner to use

What do you guys recommend for cleaning spray guns with, lacquer thinner or a dedicated gun cleaner? I’m spraying base coat and clear coat.
Lacquer thinner is expensive here in the UK so looking for an alternative.

If you can get your hands on Gun Wash that will be the best way to go. It is generally diluted lacquer thinner anyways.

Thanks for your reply.
I have found this on ebay. Item number: 112924637605, I’d be interested to hear what you think.

Looks like it should work. I worry because it’s tinted though.

The colour worries me, I bet they have added the colour to stop people from using it as a thinner.

That’s possible and it could be very minimal
but gets darker with that much volume.

I use lacquer thinner because it’s the cheaper alternative here in the states. Although I have never used it myself but some use acetone. Don’t know how available acetone is in the U.K.

Just done a search for acetone cleaner and it came up with nail polish remover lol

lacquer thinner is $26.19 for 5L here in the UK, price in pounds is £19.95. Just out of curiosity how much are you paying for lacquer thinner in the US?

We pay about $60 CAD for a 20L pail for gunwash (usually distilled, used lacquer thinners) and about $85 CAD for virgin laquer thinner.

Took a chance on the cleaner from ebay seller, and much to my surprise it seems like good stuff. Put it in a gun that had been used but never cleaned out properly and wasn’t spraying properly and after using this cleaner it is now working, not perfectly but a strip down and soak will hopefully sort it out.

If you use the proper thinner for the paint being used it will clean much better.

Lacquer thinner will work great for automotive paint, clears, base etc, but Acetone works way better for paints like Rustoleum and oil based.

I found lacquer thinner on clearance at Lowe’s years ago and bought out two stores, ended up paying $1.50 per gallon (about 3.7L) and bought maybe 45 gallons of it.