What does everyone use for mixing body fillers?

I find it interesting to learn how others work. I was just wondering what everyone uses to mix body filler on.

I have a scrap of granite countertop sitting on a cart with wheels. When it’s to the point that body filler is getting hard to scrape off, I sand it with 600 to get the old filler off. Then I use 1200 followed by 1500 and then I buff it out with a wool pad at about 1500, 1800 rpm to make it look new again.

I went to Menards (Home store like Home Depot) bought a 12"x12" pane of glass for a about $2. Put a piece of heavy cardboard behind it and taped the two together with duct tape enclosing the entire edge. When done just scrape it off with a razor blade scraper and wipe it down with glass cleaner. Very portable like an artist pallet. It you drop it and break it, your only out $2.

Z3beemer (Paul)


I use a similar technique, I have an old picture frameless glass photo frame (9x9”) from ikea might’ve paid 1 or 2 bucks for it. It wasn’t being used for photos so I tossed the clips and put aside the backing and voila, 1 portable mixing pallet. I use old credit cards that are no good anymore for applications until I can buy some plastic knives.

Currently I use the back side of an old plastic cutting board. It’s smooth and I use acetone to clean it.

Picked up a glass end table at goodwill for 8 bucks.!!!

I use a piece of 3/8 plexiglass cut roughly in the shape of an artist’s pallette. The thumb hole saves a lot of strain when needing to spread for a while. If I don’t get it completely clean with thinner, I can sand it with 180 to make it smooth again when my filler / putty is dry. Had it for 9 years now and it works great.