What should you charge?

Hi Everyone! Just curious, where can I find information in this course on recommendations of what to charge a customer? Or anyone’s thoughts. When thinking of body work/primer/base/clear, hourly seems fine but on a quick enamel job would you still think hourly? Also, doing this out of a garage and not a professional booth. Thank you!

Cover your materials and consumables first plus a little extra because you went to get them and sourced them. Your labor rate will depend on you entirely. Don’t forget to add some for your garage utilities. Power and water and garbage if you pay for that. It will still be a good deal for them but if you try to undercut everyone else and are not charging a fair price, it devalues all of the work that everyone else does too. Sorry, I got a little wordy.

We don’t know what quality of work you do, so it is very difficult to honestly answer your question. I don’t do any paint work for under 10k! Tell them to go to Maaco for cheap!

I understand entirely. Thank you for the response.