What type of DA sander(s) to invest in?

I see a real advantage in using a DA sander. Some have a 3/8" or more oscillation, others have as low as 3/32". My guess is a larger oscillation is good for rough work and smaller for work on fine work.

They also seem to vary between 3" and 6" in diameter.

  1. What is recommendation if you only can purchase one DA?

  2. What is recommendation if you plan on purchasing two DA’s?

  3. Are electric random orbital sanders as good as a DA for body and paint work?


A big issue with electric DAs is if you plan to use one for wet sanding and get it wet.

I have a basic Husky air powered DA for sanding and a Griot’s Garage DA for waxing / polishing, it is essentially a rebadged Porter Cable

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Thanks for the comments and advice.

I’m a long time woodworker so I have several DA (random orbital) sanders, all 5" with various speed ranges. I also have a Porter Cable unit sold by McGuire’s for wax/polish but it’s really a low speed DA. I’ll give them all a try when levelling out filler and dry sanding.

I ordered a pneumatic (air) 6" DA by Canadian Tool Supply with a 3/16" oscillation that I’ll also try.

For wet sanding, I intend to hand sand only, nothing can replace feeling the surface by hand.
But, I’ll try some DA wet sanding as well where it makes sense.

For wax/polishing, I use a DeWalt 7" polisher.

I’ll post a review of the various DA’s after my project.



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