What type of face mask to use

Hi every one, my first post so please be gentle with me.
I have a 1997 Mazda MX6, the car has been neglected over the past couple of years due to ill health but now I want to get it looking nice again.
The paint is brilliant black code PZ, I can get the paint in either base coat and clear coat or direct gloss, either way they are both 2K.
I don’t have a garage so will be spraying under a large gazebo, so my question is this what sort of face mask/breathing apparatus should I use with any of the 2K paints or would I be better off using cellulose paint.
I have read some horror stories about the side affects of 2K paint so don’t want the same sort of things to happen to myself.


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This is the one I use and recommend they are less than $20 shipped and are for auto paint


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@mazdamx6owner, Wow Great question. If you are a VIP Member, Tony covers this very topic in a video called “E-Book Chapter 1 Saftey and Tools” in the VIP Members Area.

I’ve been a VIP member for quite a while now and I ABSOLUTELY recommend it.

Kent aka “Genesis”

Awesome, Thanks @pacer2320.

Kent aka “Genesis”

Thank you for the replies, not a VIP member, just spent a lot of money on compressor, spray guns ect ect so can’t afford it just yet.


one photo is all it will allow because I’m a new member. This was taken a few weeks ago. I had to remove the rear bumper cover because it had a crack on the near side which I have now sorted out. As you can see the paint work has faded on some of the panels.

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@mazdamx6owner, Looks like a good platform to start with, pretty straight and not a huge truck. Great piece for your first project.

Feel free to start a new topic in Basic Autobody and Paint, and add more info there.

Kent aka “Genesis”

I’ll post in there over the next few days. For now I need to get as much info on my original question about face masks/breathing apparatus.

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What kind of spray gun and compressor did you get? Did you get one of the Atom spray guns?


It was a kit from a supplier here in the UK, compressor plus 2 LVHP spray guns no make on them, 2 times 10M hoses and 2 x water filters oh and I bought a DA sander from else where.