What was your first car?


Talk about your first car here!

If you have no picture, just google it and post it here :smile: Looking forward to seeing your first ride and hearing about it!


Hey Tony and new friends,
My first car was a beautiful, red, VW Karman Ghia. I loved it but was a teenager and too young to appreciate what I had. I wish I had it now!


Love it @BarryB - Why not get another? One of my first cars was the Miata. Had a lot of memories in that little 2 seater. My father had a lot of stories of these Karman Ghia’s, super cool cars! Thank you for sharing!


Hey tony : Alex from Athens GA my first car was a red image1988 Nissan 35zx



this is a picture I found. Mine had cute little 13 inch craigar 5 spoke rims 60 series with bf goodrich tires and a visor lol and bright Hugger orange front air dam no bumpers summer of 1980 all done in my Dads garage he still had orange on the walls lol I did the engine balanced and blueprinted with a fitted volvo turbo and my own design exhaust I was a tuner 20 years before it was tuning …lol


Scan_20150502 (4)

This was my first car back in '84 and that’s how old the pic is.
Was originally metallic blue and needed some body work done so my dad and I stripped it and painted it while I was back home from Germany on a course.


And believe it or not this is what my dad sprayed it with we actually had a spray gun attachment for ours.

Didn’t come out too bad considering, not that you can see it too well in the pics


I was 15 years old my 1st vehicle was a 1979 Marnie Carlo super sport. I thought I was the coolest person in the whole neighborhood until I ran it dry no oil seized the motor my father told me there is all the tools you need in that garage figure it out so I did a lot of reading and asking other people one month later she was back in running.


my first car was an 88 buick skyhawk paid $800 for it it broke down in less than a week replaced it with an early 90s grand prix it too was a pos 3 months later replaced it with a new 96 grand am
pic posted is from google search1988-skyhawk-1


Nothing special…a 1981 or 82 Mercury Lynx. Got it from my folks after they drove it for five years. I guess I needed something with more power because after about a year it ran hot and cracked the block. Oops!


Technically my first car was a ‘76 hinda civic that was giving to me by my cousin. That’s not the original car just used one from google.It was a manual. And at 13 I would drive around the neighborhood took it out once on the road but I think it was luck that I didn’t get into trouble being that young driving. A buddy blew the engine burning out in the icy alleys in the neighborhood. I remember I was mad as hell.


lol awesome story @JuanC


This is my first car 1984 K5 chevy blazer I got it as a senior in high school I love this thing. My uncle n I started to work on it i wanted to learn myself but I got into a little trouble so it got put on hold and never started it back up. Im going to learn and do it on my own


Awesome @DanielR1942 can’t wait to see more pics on the project. Feel free to create a new topic in the classics and restoration category!


Very cool @DanielR1942, I really like the K5 blazer’s they’re pretty easy to work on. My profile pic is of me and my 73 K5 Blazer 2WD. Keep plugging away, you’ll get it done :+1:t3:


Thanks Tony. Those little cars are pretty fun to drive.


52 ford my senior year.image pic from google. Was a v-8 flat-head


a 1960 rambler station wagon :slight_smile:


boss man mean kenny hera. most of us are to old to have pictures of the car that was way to many girldfriends and wifes ago. anway 63 impala tist mist white i WAS 16 ONCE 60 in sept.


That’s a hell of a ride my man! @meankenny


hey boss you never sell a nice old car to the little girl next door. i was 16 she was 15. NO ITS NO THAT KIND OF STORY. i sold her the beautiful 63 chevy impala ,it was only 13 years slitely used. back then we knew everything chevy other than a vista cruser would be a classic. i sold it to her to buy a white 72 mach 1,now she ran in to the back end of another car ,her dad sold it so i wouldn’t have to look over and see it EVERY STINKEN MORNING. i need to figure how to feed back during LIVE so you can say mean kenny w. ky