Where to start? Need advice

Okay i got a project car that needs some love.

Here are some pics.

What should I do and where should i start?

Start by sand or bead blasting all that old paint off so you can determine how much rust damage is there and how much bondo is under that paint. Of course, prep the car by removing everything like , handles, bumpers, etc. Can’t tell what kind of car of model it is. More full body pictures would be nice. Good luck.

Need more details. Is it a complete restoration or do you just want to fix up the body? What do you want the end result to be…show car, daily driver, or something else? What kind of car is it? What is your budget? The more we know the more we can help.


Thanks for the quick replies.

96 civic hatchback

The car sat for a few years and decided to clean her up and give it a paint job. It was a project that was kept on the backburner. A nice paint job would do and this would be my first auto body project.

I will post more pics later as the weather here is not cooperating.

Thanks again.