Zoolaa and X-Finishes products. Simple pearl and flake questions


Good day sir. I just want to start by thanking you for the VIP course and platforms like this one! I started out knowing nothing about shooting paint, to making $$ doing what I like to do! Thanks to your VIP Course! So, my question is pretty simple: I have purchased from Zoola both miniflake silver and graphite pearl/lava red pearl. How much flake per quart let’s say? How much pearl per quart? I know you’re going to say that it depends on the effect you want and what your project calls for… but like where is a good starting point? I obviously am not going to dump the whole bag into a quart of clear!! So, what’s a suggested starting point where I can say “maybe a little more” or “maybe a little less”? Just a happy medium amount where I can actually get a proper “pearl effect” or proper “mini flake effect”. I know that once I get going, I’ll probably change the mixture to suit my likes and my projects. But I just don’t know how much to put in the first time!! I’ve been painting helmets a lot and people are starting to want cool effects! I’ve also taken all I’ve learned with Labap and started painting helicopter repairs for the US Government!! It’s so awesome to do all these projects. Sometimes taking rusted out tractors and making them look brand new!!! Sometimes finishing a helicopter repair with a proper finish laid to very specific specs required by Uncle Sam!! Sometimes painting custom helmets for our Motorcycle Club!!!
Keep going! Keep doin it baby!
Thanks in advance to Tony or any other member that can shed some light on my issue!!


hey @goofini78! Ok… for Flake, I would say 1-2 round table spoons per quart is a good start. For pearl, try one round table spoon per quart. REMEMBER, the more coats you give it, it will layer and enhance the look. Wow it sounds like you’ve done a lot after becoming a VIP! That is awesome news and I am glad it I played a part to inspire you and get you going :slight_smile: Keep me posted with your projects here ok!


my x-finishes prize from youtube live arrived today and just by looking at it I can tell it is a top quality product will be posting pics shortly of it used on a project. notice the invoice date vs today’s date it arrived in 3 days!


@pacer2320 Awesome!! Can’t wait to see how the project come out. :+1:t3: